The RENEW Program initiative is to inspire the next generation of IBEW workers to become active in their local union by focusing on issues important to younger workers, providing education about the IBEW, the labor movement and fostering relationships with members and local union leadership.

Greater involvement by local union members of all ages is critical to the growth of the IBEW. RENEW is an IBEW-wide initiative dedicated to creating opportunities for newer members. Enabling them to develop the skills necessary to become active in the local union by playing a role in shaping its future.

The goals of this program are to educate the next generation of workers about the benefits of the IBEW and to provide a space for younger members to discuss issues relevant to their work place and community. We want to encourage their participation in programs that are focused on strengthening the labor movement



President - Eric Steele

Vice President – Matthew Lyneis

Treasurer - Anthony Marino

Recording Secretary - Dunbar “Jordan” Tuason