State Certification

Anyone in the state of California working as an electrician fo a C-10 Electrical contractor must have a state certification as a General Journeyman Electrician, or be enrolled in a state recognized apprenticeship program. 


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You will need at least 8000 hours of work experience. Per the regulations, these hours must consist of work under an electrical contractor in at least two of the following categories:

  • Stock room and material handling (with a maximum of 300 hours)
  • Residential wiring (with a maximum of 3000 hours)
  • Commercial wiring (with a maximum of 6000 hours)
  • Industrial wiring (with a maximum of 6000 hours)
  • Voice data and video installation (with a maximum of 1500 hours)
  • Underground conduit installation (with a maximum of 750 hours)
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance (with a maximum of 1500 hours)
  • Finish work and fixtures (with a maximum of 600 hours)
  • Fire/Life safety, nurse call (with a maximum of 600 hours)

The license is provided by the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE).


To apply for the license you must fill out this application according to these application guidelines.

Once your application is accepted you can schedule your exam.

The application fee is $175 (This amount is paid and not refundable, whether your application is approved or not.)

This fee can be paid either by cash accompanied by the application or by check (also accompanied by the application) payable to:

DIR-Electrician Certification Fund
P. O. Box 420603,
San Francisco, CA 94142

Once your application is approved you will be forwarded to a testing vendor and a packet will be sent to you with the information you will need for the exams.


The test consist of 100 questions and you’ll have 4 hours to take it. More information for the exam can be found here.

Continuing Education

After you pass the exam your license will need to be renewed every three years through continuing education.

Providers for continuing education credit can be found here.

To be eligible for renewal you will need:

  • at least 2000 hours of work in the industry, during these 3 years
  • 32 hours of continuing education
  • the fee of $100.00

Here is the renewal application you will have to fill.

You can find more information in the FAQ.